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What if all your worries about international shipping vanished?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

We agree. As the only authorized exporter of 3M products, and with buyers all over the globe, M-Source is primed for international customers. We regularly do business with multinational corporate subsidiaries, foreign corporations, and export brokers that have educated us on best practices and showed us how we can reduce the hassle for our clients.

Here’s how:  

Currency values

Stacking up your currency against the countries you’re working with is sometimes half the battle in making buying and shipping decisions. M-Source works directly with suppliers to ensure our international customers don’t have to compromise order size for a fair price. Our large quantity buying system also helps you get the best deal per item.


Damaged or faulty goods

To rectify issues with incorrect or damaged merchandise, you have to document and report all the evidence thoroughly. Every part of the transaction - transportation, commercial, and financial documents - must be accounted for to submit a valid claim. Nevermind the time it takes for the claim to be resolved. It all results in a massive headache that drains your time and keeps you making money.

M-Source’s international customer service team will help you negotiate the claim filing process and/or get you the correct items quickly, acknowledging the role we play in proper order fulfillment. Call our international support team at (773) 521-4986. Customer service can be reached by phone Monday - Friday from 7 am - 6 pm CST.

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International cargo insurance mishaps

M-Source handles international shipping matters every day - working with us can greatly lower your risks of cargo insurance errors. We assess your shipment and recommend the cargo insurance that is best for you.


Inferior quality product

Poor quality product puts you in an uncomfortable bind that hinders profits. M-Source works directly with 3M to ensure the highest quality products for our customers, no matter their location. If what you or your customers import from us does not meet your standards, we will work with you to better meet your expectations.


Delayed exports

If we’re late, you bear the weight. We just don’t think that’s right. The M-Source team is well-versed in global importing and exporting trends that help us refine our deployment schedules and keep us accountable. You don’t import if we don’t export.

Export or import internationally with M-Source.
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